May 9, 2016

Documents and Policies

Bylaws of the Alberta Taekwondo Association
Liability Insurance Brochure 2017-2018
2017 – 2018 Funding Allocation
Funding Request Form
Expense Claim
WTF Weight Divisions

WTF Competition Rules and Interpretation, May 2015
WTF Poomsae Competition Rules and Interpretation 2014
Foundation of Refereeing
Concussion Management
ATA Referee Policy

Harassment and Abuse Policy
Dispute Resolution Appeal/Mechanism/Process
Conflict of Interest
Equity and Access
Code of Conduct
(the above Policies adopted by TKD Canada will be used by the ATA until such time as the ATA develops their own Provincial Policies)

Volunteer Screening Policy
Reimbursement Policy
Referee Education and Development Policy
ATA Event Hosting and Sanctioning Policy – January 1, 2018

Anti-Doping Policy
ATA Membership Registration Policy 2016
ATA Provincial Points System – Poomsae – August 2016
ATA Provincial Points System – Sparring – August 2016
ATA Minimum Coaching Standards 2016-17

Committee Terms of Reference
TOR Audit Committee
TOR Awards Committee
TOR Coaching Committee
TOR Event Committee
TOR High Performance Committee
TOR Media Committee
TOR Officiating Committee
TOR Provincial Team Committee
TOR Sport Development Committee

Ranking Points

*NOTE:  Black Belts must be active ATA Members (registration is up to dateon or before the date of a sanctioned tournament in order to receive ranking points at that tournament.  If your ATA membership is not up to date, you will not receive ranking points.

2017-2018 Ranking Points Cadet Sparring
2017-2018 Ranking Points Junior Sparring
2017-2018 Ranking Points Senior Sparring
2017-2018 Ranking Points Poomsae

2016-2017 Ranking Points Cadet Sparring
2016-2017 Ranking Points Junior Sparring
2016-2017 Ranking Points Senior Sparring
2016-2017 Ranking Points Poomsa