May 9, 2016


ATA Minimum Coaching Standards – Effective January 1, 2017

To coach at International or National events all coaches must be Assistant Instructor (AI) and Dojang Coach (DC) NCCP Certified as well as be registered with the Coaches of Canada.

All those engaging in NCCP programming, coach and club, must be registered with Taekwondo Canada.

Assistant Instructor and Dojang Coach Workshops (found on the events calendar) will provide the training needed to be familiar and comfortable with the material, the workshops will also assist the coach in completing the AI or DC Portfolio, as well as understand what to expect during the Formal Evaluation.

Below is an outline of each requirement.

PATU Intercontinental Coach Certification Course

AI Certification:

  • The AI Portfolio completed (see Resources on TC Website)
  • The AI Formal Evaluation (live or video, video must be audible)
  • The MED online Competition Introduction (on the locker website under e learning)
  • Emergency First Aid (or higher). If you plan on completing DC Certification it is recommended to complete your Standard First Aid (or higher) and CPR level C certification (this is usually a two day course).
  • Send the application for evaluations (see Forms and Applications on TC Website).

DC Certification:

  • The DC portfolio completed (see Resources on TC Website). DC portfolio video task HERE. 
  • The DC Formal Evaluation (live or video, video must be audible)
  • CPR-C (usually a two day course)
  • A referee seminar
  • Send the application for evaluations (see Forms and Applications on TC Website).

Payment for Evaluation

Make your payment for AI and DC Evaluaiton here:


The NCCP is a competency-based program based on coaching abilities, meaning the NCCP is a program that certifies coaches based on proven abilities to “DO” certain things deemed important to meet the needs of the participants they coach. The NCCP is competency based, and as a result, certification is based upon what a coach is able to demonstrate, not the training they may or may not have undergone.

Coaches must go through the evaluation process for the context in which they are coaching (AI and/or DC). Evaluation must include the entire evaluation process for the context in which the coach is being certified (including online multi-sport evaluations). This ensures the coach is able to demonstrate the required competencies for the context, and removes the need for the NSO or other partners to “judge” the relevance or rigor of the many different international programs that exist.

Coaches do not receive credit for “training” modules that they do not complete, but will be able to achieve “certified” status upon a successful evaluation. This only applies in contexts where certified status is available to coaches. There is no such thing as “equivalency”.

This respects and recognizes current coaching competence, which includes Canadian coaches with significant coaching experience or related background, and foreign coaches with approved training and certification.

To pursue recognition of coaching competence through a challenge means that a coach would not necessarily do the workshop training but would complete all the requirements for certification as is outlined above and go directly to the Formal Evaluation.

To challenge for certification a coach must:

  • Submit the application for evaluation, outlining previous education or training (NCCP or otherwise), previous coaching related experience (Taekwondo and/or other), as well as Dan level.
  • Make the payment for Evaluation.
  • The coach will then be validated for evaluation or asked to complete the training prior to be granted evaluation.

CAC Professional Coaching Department (Coaches of Canada)

Coaches will also need to register with Coaches of Canada

For information on Coaches of Canada click here:

For Coaches of Canada registration click here:

Taekwondo coaches receive a 40% discount – for the code or any questions on registration please contact Philippe Patry at

You will require a Police Record check, 2 reference letters, and your coaching resume.

To receive one reference letter from Taekwondo Canada or for any other questions please contact Dominique Bosshart at

SterlingBackcheck to provide an online criminal record check process at a system-low price of $25 +Tx for coaches click here:

The above requirements are in accordance with the Taekwondo Canada Policies, specifically theNational Membership and Registered Participant PolicyTaekwondo Canada National Coaching Standards, NCCP Coach Certification & Maintenance Standards Policy.

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